Morocco: Gateway to Africa

Morocco is a gateway to Africa and it’s the perfect introduction to this fascinating continent. The dizzying heights of the Atlas Mountains, ancient cities packed with Moorish architecture and bustling souks are just some of the reasons why you should plan your next holiday there. And that’s even during the day. It offers Moroccan culture and even Moroccan food! A trip to Morocco will give you a taste of exotic spices like cumin, turmeric, coriander, paprika, cardamom and more. You can also experience Moroccan cuisine by ordering a plate of delicious lamb couscous.

Moroccan dress: Moroccan clothing is colorful and trendy. Women will often wear a hijab, a long skirt with the bodice of their outfit for modesty purposes. Men might wear a djellaba or red fez hat while they walk through the market to buy fresh produce for dinner after work.

Moroccan culture: Moroccan people are very family-oriented. It is not uncommon for women to have many children and stay at home while the man works hard in order to provide for his wife and their kids. Moroccan holidays also revolve around food! They will often drink mint tea or coffee, eat dates with a dash of Moroccan honey, and relax with their family in Moroccan style.

Moroccan language: Arabic is Morocco’s primary language, but English speakers will find Moroccan people are very welcoming of foreigners and will often answer in English.

Best nightlife activities in Morocco are waiting for you at night when there is an absolute cornucopia of things to do, from sipping mint tea on one of Marrakech’s many rooftops, or dancing under Moroccan stars at world-famous Club Med Toubkal. 


Marrakech is the perfect place for travelers who want to experience Moroccan culture firsthand without having to deal with any hassles like language or customs barriers. The native people there are friendly and welcoming – which makes this such a great place to get lost in another world. Best nightlife activities here include exploring the souks, and sipping mint tea on one of Marrakech’s many rooftops while enjoying some live music.


Kosybar is the perfect place to experience Moroccan nightlife, with its vibrant colors and exhilarating atmosphere. It’s a venue designed specifically for those who are seeking an escape from reality and looking for that extra thrill as Kosybar welcomes you to come party like never before in Marrakech.

Pacha Marrakech is a place with an array of activities to keep you entertained. Whether it’s lounging by the pool, indulging in a spa treatment or dancing under Moroccan stars at Club Med Toubkal – Pacha has something for everyone!


Casablanca is Morocco’s most modern city. It has a reputation for being the business capital and hosts some of the finest luxury hotels, with six star service to match. The coastline offers miles of golden sands, while inland there are historic mosques and casbah, the iconic old quarter. Casablanca has it all: Marrakech’s history with a modern twist.


La Corniche is one of Casablancas main streets, which stretches from the Casablanca Marina to the Boulevard de la Corniche. La Corniche is lined with shops and restaurants on both sides of its length and provides a superb vantage point for viewing the Casablancas skyline at night.

The Souks are one of Marrakech’s most popular destinations where you can search for traditional Moroccan goods, spices and textiles among other things. The Casbah is the old quarter of Casablanca next to the port where you can explore narrow streets that lead up into its ramparts.



Rabat is a city that has been influenced by many civilizations, and it’s now home to some of Morocco’s most stunning architecture. Rabat offers an experience like no other: explore the medina for exquisite crafts; head outside the old town walls for traditional Moroccan delights on busy market day, or take in Rabat’s impressive landmarks like the Rabat Royal Palace and Hassan Tower.

SO Lounge is a hotspot for those looking to party in Rabat, with its trendy decor and popular dance floor that provides an unforgettable night of entertainment.


From the fresh sea air of Agadir’s beaches to its bustling souks and fascinating culture Agadir provides the perfect balance for those looking for a holiday full of adventure but who also want to enjoy themselves in peace. Whether you are seeking some well-deserved relaxation or a fun-packed break Agadir is the place for you.

Avenue Oued Souss provides plenty of shops and restaurants to choose from, as well as being home to one of Agadir’s most famous landmarks: its mosque.

Boulevard 20 Aout offers an impressive selection of restaurants that will satisfy every taste. Agadir offers so much more than just sun and beach, a city with something for everyone to enjoy; it is the perfect gateway to Africa and an introduction into Morocco’s fascinating culture.

The Atlas Mountains are where you can truly experience Moroccan nightlife at its finest. With panoramic views from atop their peaks, you will be able to enjoy the beautiful scenery as well as an evening of hearty Moroccan hospitality.


Fes, Morocco’s second-largest city, has been an important trading post since medieval times because of its location at the intersection of two major trade routes: one from Europe to sub-Saharan Africa in the south and another north-south route across the Sahara. Fes is also a perfect place to explore Morocco’s diverse culture, history, and cuisine. It is Morocco’s former capital and a UNESCO World Heritage Site, possesses an authentic atmosphere that you can’t find anywhere else. 


On this tour, you will experience Fes from its narrow medinas with their winding alleys or visit one of Fes’ many art museums including Museum Dar Batha which features an extensive collection of Moroccan rugs, Fes’ most famous export. 

There are many attractions to explore and recommend you choose at least one of these three: the Kairaouine Mosque (the world’s oldest university), Bou Inania Madrasa, or Fes el-Bali.