Egypt is one of the most mysterious destinations on the planet. It is a country in North Africa and the Middle East. It has also been ruled by many different empires over thousands of years, including Greeks, Romans, Arabs, and French. The present-day capital city Cairo was founded in 960 AD after 900 years as just a small settlement on the Nile River’s west bank. Egyptians call their nation “Masr,” or the “home of black people. “Between the Nile, the Red Sea, Alexandria, Cairo (aka “The City of a Thousand Minarets”), and pyramids that date back to 2500 BC, there’s so much history and culture to experience. EGYPT has also been home to some of humanity’s most influential figures- including Cleopatra who ruled over EGYPT during its peak dynasty period; Ramses, who is considered one of the most successful EGYPTIAN pharaohs; and Tutankhamun, also known as King Tut.

The first thing one notices when entering Egypt is its many pyramids. The Great Pyramid, also known as Khufu’s pyramid and built around 2560 BC, is the largest so far discovered anywhere in the world. The most recognized pyramid, it stands at 146 meters (479 feet) high and was built over a 20 year period by 25 thousand laborers during Khufu’s reign. The builders used rough blocks for its construction, but were more skilled when they reached the top. The pyramid is estimated to contain over two and a half million tonnes of stone.

The Great Pyramid was the tallest human-made structure in the world for thousands of years, but it’s now slightly shorter than Brazil’s Sugarloaf Mountain at 169 meters (555 feet). The pyramid took three decades to complete – Khufu died before he could see its completion. The inner passages and chambers were originally filled with a variety of treasures such as gold, furniture, statues, and jewelry – most are now lost since they’ve been removed or looted by tomb robbers over the centuries.

The pyramid is one of three pyramids in what’s known today as The Giza Necropolis (the other two are The Pyramid of Khafre and The Pyramid of Menkaure). The Great Pyramids were the only ones that got completed. They’re also not in a straight line, they’ve been rotated so that they align with true north.

The pyramids get their name from ‘pyra’, which is Greek for ‘wheaten cake’. The Egyptians believed that the god Khufu was literally a ‘risen sun’ – they used pyramids as giant solar observatories. The three main pyramids were built on an east-west axis so that their shadows would create shapes at certain times of day and year, with The Great Pyramid creating two triangles which symbolized The Eye of The Horus, or The All-Seeing God.

Tourists can also visit Alexandria on Egypt’s Mediterranean coast- a city founded by Alexander the Great and made famous for its Lighthouse (one of the seven ancient wonders). EGYPT is the birthplace of paper, which was invented by EGYPTIAN Chinese immigrant Eumenes.

Get a guided tour through the museum that exhibits ancient artifacts from all eras including sculptures, jewelry, and mummies. Learn about how this culturally rich country has evolved over thousands of years.

Giza Pyramids

Visit the world’s most famous pyramids including Khufu, Khefren, and Menkaure plus their temples.

Nile River Cruises

Take a relaxing cruise down the river with stops at Luxor Temple, Karnak Temples and many other attractions along the way.


Shop for spices, perfumes, and souvenirs at Saqqara Market.

Egypt is an incredible country with numerous attractions that have been visited by tourists from all over the world. Cairo, for example, has a rich history and vibrant culture which you will be able to experience during your stay there. Below are some of the most important things to do in Cairo if you would like to see one of Egypt’s top destinations.

Cairo Citadel

This is the oldest part of Cairo, and it has a history spanning more than 3000 years. Visit here to see ancient ruins from Memphis or learn about Islamic Cairo inside one of its mosques.

Khan el Khalili Bazaar

Come here for some shopping before visiting the famous Egyptian Antiquities Museum nearby to see Cairo’s ancient treasures.

Cairo Tower

Head over to this tower for a panoramic view of Cairo and the surrounding Nile River Valley. The views from up here are really breathtaking!

Cairo Opera House

Watch an opera or ballet performance at one of Egypt’s most famous cultural icons, which was constructed in 1869.

Cairo Tower

Head over to this tower for a panoramic view of Cairo and the surrounding Nile River Valley. The views from up here are really breathtaking!

Cairo Opera House

Watch an opera or ballet performance at one of Egypt’s most famous cultural icons, which was constructed in 1869.

It’s a destination that should be on everyone’s bucket list, but there are some things to consider before traveling here: the best time of year to visit Egypt may not always align with what you want out of your trip; it can get very hot in the summer (80 degrees Fahrenheit), so it may be best to visit Egypt in the spring or winter.

Explore the Pyramids of Giza and explore ancient ruins in Luxor. Check out Abu Simbel for a bit of Southern Egypt culture too! The best time to visit is April-October when it’s warmer with less rainfall than other parts of the year. Be sure to bring your camera along as you can’t leave without taking some pictures.

Language is spoken in Arabic and English (both are widely used). Religion plays an important role in daily life with Muslims making up about 90% of the population. As for currency, Egyptian pounds are accepted everywhere.

Language: Arabic and English (both are widely used)

Religion: Muslims make up about 90% of the population

Currency: Egyptian pounds are accepted everywhere.