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Day Trips for Adventure & Cultural Halls from Ireland

Dublin is a great city for adventure day trips. There are so many adventures to be had, from surfing the waves in Dublin Bay to exploring the old streets of Temple Bar with its pubs and restaurants. One of our favorite things about Dublin is that you can get all sorts of amazing food at just about any time of day or night – which means there’s always an adventure waiting for you!

In this blog post, we will give you some ideas on how to plan your own perfect adventure day out in Dublin. Whether it’s by bike or car, here are 10 reasons why Ireland is such a great place for an adventurous vacation.

Hiking the Howth Cliff Walk

Aside from its towering cliffs, it is also a location of rich historic and mythological significance that you can explore on foot or by boat tour. The walk itself offers spectacular views over Dublin Bay and beyond, with a full day’s worth of exploration in just three miles.

Howth Cliff

Hiking the Howth Cliff Walk is a great way to see one of Ireland’s most beautiful and least crowded areas in Dublin and get some exercise while doing it. It’ll give you bragging rights for months to come when you tell your friends, family, or coworkers about walking along with ancient geological spectacles.

Eating in Howth, Ireland

Octopussy’s Seafood Tapas Bar is located in the heart of Dublin’s Howth district, and it has an amazing view. As you can see from this picture, they have a beautiful deck that overlooks the water. Octopussy’s offers several tapas appetizers which are perfect and delicious – for sharing. You can order a dozen oysters, some calamari, wild salmon tartare with crispy potatoes, lamb belly sliders on brioche buns topped with unripe tomato and basil mayo.

For dinner, you can also go to the award-winning seafood restaurant, Aqua. With massive windows all around offering views of Howth Sound, impeccable service, and delicious, fresh menu items it’s a perfect way to end the day.  Isn’t it?

Zipit Forest Adventures

After a long day of exploring Dublin, if you are ready for some more adventure then Luckily Zipit Forest Adventures has an opening at their Tibradden Wood location not too far from where you must be staying in the city center.

Zipit Forest Credit Zipit
Credit – Zipit Forest

The zip line adventure is a great way to get up high and see the whole forest. You will traverse zip lines, rope bridges, and zip through treehouses on your journey across Tibradden Wood. There are three different zip lines in varying heights that you can enjoy! The tallest zip line for those who want an adrenaline rush or more of a side zip, the Gold line for those looking to conquer their fears or who want some zip but not too much zip. The Tibradden Zipit Adventure is great for all ages and abilities. If you are new to zip lining they will offer training before starting on your adventure.

Sea Kayaking in Dalkey, Dublin

This sea kayak adventure in Dalkey, Dublin was such a great experience. You can start off with an introduction to the basics of paddling and safety before heading out on the water for about 45 minutes. Paddling through waves or troughs is actually really fun and rewarding.

The guides generally are really knowledgeable, and It can feel felt like you have got some great information about the surrounding area as well – including a look at Dalkey Island from high up on the water! The boat rides back to shore is also very nice because it can give you a chance to chat with other groups of kayakers. You will be completely thrilled with the experience and definitely recommend it to anyone visiting Dublin.

Food and Culture in Dalkey, Ireland

Fitzpatrick Castle is a great place for people who love luxury getaways. With modern amenities and traditional charm, this castle hotel is one of many places that can accommodate guests traveling on any budget. Located just outside Dublin by about an hour’s drive, Dalkey is the perfect place to stay for a day trip from Dublin.

Food and Culture in Dalkey Ireland

The town has many cafes, pubs, and restaurants that offer amazing food and the Dalkey Duck is a must-try! The rich and cozy interior of woods and crimson walls covered with both beautiful and quirky artwork makes you feel at home right away. The menu doesn’t disappoint either with offerings of traditional and contemporary European and seafood dishes.

Trekking up to Hell Fire Club

The Hell Fire Club was a hot spot for Dublin’s elite in the 18th century. Stories say that luxury and debauchery went hand-in-hand, with Bono even claiming it as inspiration for Ulysses’ nightclub in A Clockwork Orange. Today, you can hike up to an old ruin of the club from the Dublin Mountains and see for yourself. The view from up here is incredible: you can take in all the green rolling hills, with one eye on Dublin City by looking over your left shoulder.

If you’re more into haunting sounds, then the Hell Fire Club is for you. The whole ruined estate is spooky enough on its own, but if you head to the top floor of an old barn and look down at a forgotten crypt below with nothing but ancient stone graves in your view – it’s spine-tingling.

Horse Riding in the Dublin Hill

The best part about horse riding in Dublin is that you could see so many different areas of Ireland. On the outskirts of Dublin, just outside the village of Enniskerry, you can find Killegar Stables. The stables are one of Ireland’s longest-running riding schools but aside from lessons they also offer guided treks and pony camps.

You can be outfitted and matched with a horse for their riding level and then assessed and instructed in the yard before heading off into the hills. As you ride through the wooded hills along the gradually climbing trails, you will indeed enjoy “A Breathe of Fresh Air.”

Cycling From Malahide Castle

Malahide Castle

Dublin has a thriving cycling community. This is mainly due to the Dublinbikes scheme which was set up in 2009 and now sees more than 100,000 trips per day. One of the most popular routes for cyclists is from Malahide Castle on the East Coast back into town via Portmarnock beach. This 12th-century popular tourist site is well worth a visit. But if you want to balance your day with some exercise and, of course, a breath of fresh air, look for the Irish Center for Cycling just inside the Malahide Castle visitor center.

When you cycle from Malahide Castle to Portmarnock beach it’s worth visiting the castle along the way for fantastic views out over Dublin Bay and the coastline.


One of the most unassuming games in the world is hurling. The game has a similar appearance to lacrosse and hockey, but it can be traced back as far as 1800 BC in Gaelic culture. Although there are similarities between all three sports, they have vastly different gameplay – hurling being much more focused on skill than brute force.  One thing is certain, the Irish are passionate about their Gaelic Games, and the O’Driscoll brothers, who founded and run Clash, are no exception. A clash is a place for both kids and adults to go and learn all about Hurling.