Experience the most aesthetically pleasing sunsets in these popular locations

A writer’s biggest and most inspiring muse is a sunset. There is so much one can say about sunsets. Whether you read poetry, plays, literature, or quotes, sunset is the most authentic. Several cultures believe that sunsets are a representation of the end of something. While others believe that when the sun is setting it means the day is coming to an end, and so is the day’s opportunity. If closely observed, sunsets actually signify endings, change, and also transformations. Apart from that, sunsets are a major inspiration for those who create art. It is the one thing that inspires them the most.

For some people, a destination’s history, culture and tradition seem more of an attraction, while the others are interested in experiencing the sunset. It is quite obvious that one can simply watch the sun go down from their residence. Yet, it is interesting to note that sunsets have different auras from different places. Several travellers and wandering tourists believe that sunsets from different parts of the world feel different. Which is why, for those who are fond of watching sunsets, there are so many destinations wherein one can enjoy the view of sunsets.

Popular destinations for sunset points

1. Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

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Rio de Janeiro is a city which is famous for its natural settings, Carnival, samba, and stunning beaches. Its nature and architecture attract more than millions of tourists every year. While these things are popularly known among the wanderers and tourists worldwide, one thing which gets less weightage is experiencing its sunset. Yes, indeed the rocky peaks of Rio de Janeiro can provide magnificent views of the sunset. Some of the best places to experience its sunset are beaches, but one shall not underestimate the beauty of a sunset from Sugarloaf Mountain. It is a prime spot for various tourists to catch the most stunning sunset!

2. Isle of Skye, Scotland

The Isle of Skye is famous for rugged landscapes, historical sites, fishing villages, and outstanding scenic views which are unforgettable for tourists. Having such unreal beauty is one of the prime reasons why HBO’s popular series, Game of thrones’ New Prequel chose the location Isle of Skye for its filming. Well, the Isle of Skye has a lot more than historical sites and outstanding views. You can watch the most spectacular sunsets if you are travelling to the Isle of Skye. There are so many spots from where you can watch the most magical sunsets, but Neist Point still remains at the top.

3. Grundarfjordur, Iceland

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Located in the west of Iceland, Grundarfjordur is situated between a mountain range and the sea. It is a significant town in Iceland which is famous for its history. Yet, given its perfect location, it definitely seems that the sunsets would take all the attention away. Yet there is always a place which attracts more tourists when it comes to watching a sunset; in Grundarfjordur’s case, it’s the harbour in Grundarfjordur. Also, it is important to emphasise on the fact that watching a sunset from a sunset point would still not match with the comfort of watching a sunset from your hotel.

4. Santorini, Greece

Santorini Sunset Lars Ruecker GettyIma

For those who are fond of travelling, it is a dream come true situation if they are travelling to Santorini, Greece. It has so much to offer to its tourists. The whitewashed cubiform houses, underwater Calderas, small islands made up of black, red and white lava, and so much more. The land of Greece is famous for its ancient philosophers, monumental temples, and rich history. Which is why watching a sunset in Greece and cherishing it is only poetic. There are indeed numerous spots in Santorini from where the view of sunset will be unforgettable. Yet, Oia remains at the top of that list. This is mainly because it is located at the northern tip of the crescent of Santorini.

5. Key West, Florida


Key West is a U.S island city and is widely popular among those who are fond of diving and snorkelling. An interesting fact about Key West is that it is home to the third largest barrier coral reef in the world. But its specialty still remains about being the best place to watch sunsets. Some of the most famous spots to watch a sunset in Key West are Sunset sails, Truman Waterfront, Sunset Pier at Ocean Key House Resort, Historic Seaport, and many more. One of the most remarkable places to watch a sunset in Key West is Mallory Square.

It is true when people say it’s impossible to watch too many sunsets. Which is why once in a while all you need to do is pack your bags and leave for your favourite destination. But before you do that, don’t forget to book your flights and tickets through the platform of CheckInChoice.