Lofoten Islands in Norway

Explore the unexplored: Lofoten Islands in Norway is a hidden treasure for travel enthusiasts

Norway seems like a distant dream we all wish would come true at least once in our lifetime. Every traveller’s nirvana land, Norway is widely known as the land of the midnight sun. Norway is widely known for its phenomenal fjords and lakes, but Norway has way more to offer its tourists. Especially when we talk about night skies, Norway is popular for its magical and dreamy northern lights which are visible at dusk. Now, anyone who has planned a trip to Norway would definitely want to experience everything that the land of Norway has to offer to its tourists. But that said, it is important to note that when people visit places which are globally famous, they tend to land near destinations which are heavily explored by tourists over these years.

Which is why if you have been planning a trip to Norway, you should definitely explore places which are a little less explored than others. This will only enhance your experience as a traveller and will make you more well-informed about the desired destination you wish to explore. Therefore, if you have been looking for a destination in Norway to explore in particular, you should definitely choose Lofoten Islands

Places you must visit once in Lofoten Island

Several places like Tromso, Bergen, the stavanger region and others are explored by millions of tourists. Yet, no matter how much a tourist tries, there is always a destination which stays unexplored. In Norway’s case, it’s Lofoten Island. It is indeed one of the most stunning places existing in Norway. If you visit Lofoten Island, then you’ll come across several attractions like majestic mountains, white sandy beaches, fishing villages, and most spectacular landscapes. Here are some of the tourist attractions of Lofoten Island you shouldn’t miss!

– Svolvaer


Located on the south coast of Austvagoy, Svolvaer is Lofoten’s largest town. This is exactly where people embark upon their journey of Lofoten adventure. Apart from that, Svolvaer is significant for fishing among the locals. Not only that, the town also has exciting cafes, bars, and restaurants to offer. If you go around the shops and galleries in this town, you should also visit the Lofoten War Memorial Museum. You can check out the collection of WWII-era uniforms and much more there. Also do you know? That Svolvaer illustrates Lofoten life through ice sculptures; all you need to do is visit the Magic Ice Bar. Not only that, there is so much more to the life of this town which you’d experience during your journey.

– Lofotr Viking Museum

Lofotr Viking Museum

Once on Lofoten Island, you cannot miss the Lofotr Viking Museum at Bostad on the Island of Vestvagoy. It is popular because it has an authentic looking reconstruction of the chieftain’s house, which is 272 foot long. In fact, in Lofoten, it is the largest Viking-era building you’ll find. Once you are at the Museum, you’ll be introduced to a short film about the life of the chieftain and his family. Along with that, the film showcases the artefacts which were discovered during the archaeological digs. In the aftermath, you can walk down to the lake and see the replicated Viking vessels and a longship. If you happen to be a tourister in the month of August, then you should definitely get an experience of the Lofotr Viking festival.

– Kabelvåg


The most outstanding feature of this Kabelvåg village is that it is famous for being a fishing village. If you have a keen interest in fishing, then you must definitely visit this village. Once you are here, you must start your day’s journey with the Lofoten Museum wherein, you’ll also find the history of fishing on the islands and much more. Along with that, you must also go on to explore the Lofoten Aquarium to learn more about aquatic life. Lastly, you should end the day by visiting the Vagan church, which is the largest wooden church in the north of Trondheim. Visiting these places in Kabelvåg will enhance the experience of your trip to a completely different level.

More places you can explore in Lofoten Islands

Apart from this, there are several other places you must visit once you are in Lofoten Islands. Places like Trollfjord are for people who enjoy spectacular mountain views or a mountain lake view, especially during the summer months. Other places like Roast Island in Lofoten Island are accessible by boat only and are home to thousands and thousands of seabirds. As a matter of fact, a quarter of Norway’s seabird population reside on the roast island. You must visit Roast Island if you are fond of visiting a lighthouse. The land of Lofoten Islands has so much more than the mentioned places to offer to the tourists! If you are planning a trip to Lofoten Islands, Norway, you can get your flights and hotels booked through the platform of Check in choice