Paris: Late Night Eats and More Than a City of Lights


An Intro to Paris

For every child, Paris was the city of my dreams. And it turns out that when you arrive at this beautiful and exotic destination, even as an adult with your own set of expectations and desires for adventure, it’s just as magical.

The City of Light is a world-famous tourist destination for good reason: not only is there so much to see and do during the day (the Louvre alone will take at least three hours) but there are also plenty of late-night options available — including some that might surprise you.

Here is the list of these districts along with the description of nightlife there: –

  1. Oberkampf

Café Chabron: This bar is famous for its excellent cocktails made by its master bartenders. You can also enjoy a nice selection of cheeses, meats, and other savory delicacies when you visit this place for a drink.

The L.A Club: This is a great place for those who want to enjoy a night of dancing and partying in Paris.

  1. Bastille
bastille paris

Rue de la Roquette: is a famous bar which you are recommended to visit. This place will not disappoint you at all in any season. It must be on your list of visiting places in Paris whenever you plan to go on to Paris or France.

  1. Place Vendome; St, Honore

The Place Vendome/St. Honore: This district is busy throughout the twenty-four hours of the day. You will see celebrities on the fashion shoots in this district. You can spend days and nights in a classy environment. Hotel Costes is a famous place for fine dining with quality drinks. This place is a really fashionable and cultural hub of the international crowd. You will remember this district for a long time in your life if you visit it once.

For those who are looking for something different to do in Paris, here is a list of the best places you can go and enjoy Famous Parisian Bars, Night Clubs & Cabarets.


L’atelier: Famous for its celebrity clientele and booming bar scene, L’Atelier has become one of the most popular after-dark destinations in town with two dance floors, five bars, and two VIP rooms on offer.

Le Bidule: This is the perfect place for your after-dark outing in Paris because they are open until 06:00 am every night of the week with free entry. Most importantly though, it’s a nightclub that hosts some of France’s top DJs and spinning international guest stars to boot!

Jimmy’Z: This is the only nightclub in Paris that offers a go-go dancer show on stage every night. It’s open until 06:00 am and there are drinks specials all week long!

The Crazy Daisy Night Club: Located near Montparnasse, this trendy club specializes in house music spanning from garage to techno and electronica.

Le Botanique: This club has a lot to offer with an outdoor terrace, bars, live music venue, and even a restaurant! You can enjoy the best of all worlds in one place at Le Botanique – from drinks until sunrise!

La Belle Epoque: Parisian legend La Belle Epoque, located in the 11th arrondissement of Paris, is a hot spot that never disappoints. This stunning venue offers elegant décor and so much more!

Crazy Horse: Crazy Horse has been one of the best cabarets on Place Clichy since 1951. It is known for its beautiful showgirls, cabaret dancers, and of course the world’s most beautiful showgirls!

La Machine Rouge: This is a famous Parisian club that has been around since 2003. With great music and drinks specials until midnight every night, this is one place you won’t want to miss during your visit to Paris!

People who are looking for a good time in Paris usually have two options, either they go to the bars and pubs for a drink, or they go to the nightclubs and clubs for dancing.

The bars usually open at 11:00 pm in Paris and close by morning with some of the bars and pubs staying open until as late as 04:00 am. The nightclubs usually open at 11:00 pm and close around 05:00 am with some of the clubs staying open until 07:00 am on weekends.

paris 2

Paris is a city that offers everything you could ever want or need. One of the most famous attractions, and one of my personal favorites-the Eiffel Tower! You can’t leave Paris without climbing to its top for an awe-inspiring view of this magnificent French city. But make sure your wallet is full before coming because it’s not just any other country; in fact, it’s ranked second on Forbes’ list of “Most Expensive Cities In The World” (Lees).

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