Top three ways to do everything in Nashville

Nashville is the perfect place for anyone who wants to experience a little bit of everything. There’s always something that people can do in this city from country music concerts, exploring historical landmarks, and eating at one of their many restaurants with delicious Southern cuisine! Whether you’re an adventurous traveler or someone looking for relaxation by doing nothing all day long – Nashville has it all.

Unique Things to do in Nashville Tennessee 

Nashville Tennessee

Nashville, TN is a hot place for all things Southern. You’ll find great live music at city venues and Opryland as well as some of the best whiskey around! For visitors looking to go beyond what’s typically offered there are 3 unique things you can’t miss: an escape room experience that takes place on the set of our favorite crime drama; exploring one of many haunted tours available from dusk till dawn; or catching your very own “rockstar” moment with musical photo opportunities throughout town – just don’t forget your guitar!

Bluebird Café


For a more intimate experience, go see some live music at the Bluebird Café. Located in an unpretentious strip mall on the south of Nashville, this club is legendary for its great performances by established stars and up-and-coming performers alike. The 90 seat venue has hosted Taylor Swift before she was discovered; make sure not to miss it if you’re around!

Nashville’s Broadway Street

Broadway Street

Nashville’s Broadway Street is a hub for booze and country music. It has been called the most popular destination in Nashville, with famous people like Dolly Parton coming here to get their drink or two-step along with locals at one of the many bars lining this street. Whether you’re just looking to dance your way down from the bar to bar or if you want some terrible food mixed into that bad decision-making process as well, there are plenty of opportunities available when traveling through Nashvegas!

American Pickers Scavenger

American Pickers scavenger

Try your hand at the American Pickers scavenger hunt with this list of items to find.

-A vintage set of jumper cables, or a new power inverter for those dead car batteries; 

-An old school bicycle from days gone by and an antique bike pump; 

-Some vinyl records like Elvis, Johnny Cash or some other country star you grew up on that’s still playing now in Branson (or Vegas);

Bring back memories as well as taking home something great!

 Additional Fun Things to do in Nashville

If the above list doesn’t tickle your fancy, here are several additional fun things to enjoy while visiting this great city:   

  • Grand Ole Opry. The historic Opry is a must-see place on any trip and it’s even better when you can get a tour as well! Be sure not to miss out on tickets for one of their live shows– they’re almost always worth seeing no matter who is performing that night. 
  • Dinner & show combo with General Jackson Riverboat Tours may also be an idea just for couples or groups looking for something different than dinner and dancing at Broadway.
  • The Country Music Hall of Fame and the Jack Daniels distillery tour are two incredible Nashville attractions. If you’re an avid country music fan, a visit to this museum is well worth your time while exploring one of America’s greatest cities for live entertainment. 
  • The restaurant Soy Bistro in Brentwood offers amazing food with generous portions at reasonable prices – you’ll love it!
Visiting Nashville

Nashville is a must-visit destination for millions of visitors each year. With its wide variety of activities, mostly pleasant temperatures, and popular music scene, you’ll have an unforgettable time visiting this city in the heartland. What’s your favorite thing to do when exploring the streets? Drop us a comment below so we can share it with others!

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