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Daily Bucket List: Visit Greenland

Greenland is a beautiful part of the world that many people would love to visit. It’s so easy to get there too! All you need is a plane ticket and your passport. Not sure what to do when you arrive? We have some tips for you in this blog post!

  • The first thing you should do when you land in Greenland is to head over to the airport. You’ll need your passport and your boarding card, as well as a government-issued photo ID with an expiration date. They will also want to see any other paperwork from countries outside of Denmark that you may have visited within the last three months. Fill out a customs declaration form and head to the baggage claim area!
  • The second thing you should do when you land in Greenland is rent a car. You’ll be able to drive around on your own, which can be really fun if it’s been a while since you’ve driven yourself somewhere new or just for leisure. Driving on the left side of the road is a good chance to get some practice, too.
  • The third thing you should do when you land in Greenland is head over to one of the museums that are near Kangerlussuaq Airport. The Culture House offers art galleries and exhibitions from all around Greenland as well as films, concerts, dance performances, and poetry readings. The Greenland National Museum is also nearby; it offers a lot of information about life in the country, including pre-colonial times all the way up to modern-day Greenland. Make sure you make time for both!
  • The last thing you should do when you land in Greenland is getting some sleep! You’ll need your energy to explore.

A few other tips: Greenland is in the arctic, so it might be cool while you’re there! Bring a sweater and some layers with you to stay warm. You’ll also want to look out for icebergs- this place has one of the world’s largest populations of them. And don’t forget your camera!


Take a tour of Greenland’s old city district or downtown area, which includes such landmarks as Greendale’s Mill and The Old Town Hall. 

Check out historic homes and buildings by stopping in at the Greenlands Museum, Paine House Inn Historic Site, John Smith Plantation House, and the Paine’s Mill.

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Visit local shops like The Greenlands Gallery to buy art from regional artists.   -Stop in for lunch at one of the many restaurants that can be found on Main Street in downtown Greensville including Southern Kitchen Restaurant or Billy Wilson Seafood Company.

Take a day trip to the Outer Banks to visit two of North Carolina’s most popular beaches, Hatteras Island and Ocracoke Island.

Visit Greenlands State Park and have a picnic on one of its five acres or hike through it for an hour. 

Walk around Greensville Lake in downtown Greensville with your family and enjoy the beautiful scenery.

Take a tour of the Paine Creek Farm or visit one of Greensville’s local farms to see how locals grow their crops for use in cooking and baking at home. 

Enjoy an authentic southern dinner at restaurants like The Southern Kitchen Restaurant, Billy Wilson Seafood Company, John Smith Plantation House, or the Paine’s Mill.

Sip a refreshing drink at one of Greensville’s historic cafes like The Greenlands Cafe or Southern Kitchen Restaurant to enjoy their delicious drinks and desserts while relaxing with family and friends. 



The best time to visit the Greenlands is during the months of August and September. That’s when you can experience some of the country’s most beautiful landscapes, such as lush green forests covered in bright red maple leaves and clear blue skies. For those who want a more urban adventure, head downtown with your travel buddy for the best fall festivals and Halloween celebrations.

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