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“The best weekend getaways to Syracuse, NY”

Syracuse is a cozy, water-filled city where the beautiful Finger Lakes and lush greenery are just waiting to be explored. 

1) Visit Geddes Boat House Museum for an up-close look at all of our area lakes 2) Catch some live music downtown with your favorite brew from one of the many local breweries or enjoy a wine tasting tour 3) Unwind after being out on this exciting day by taking home locally made chocolate truffles

Okay, so you’re probably thinking “why should I visit Syracuse ?” Well, we will tell you why. It’s because of the great city, pride in it, and desire to share with others the things we love most about it! Here are a few other fun activities that will help you discover the hidden gems of Syracuse that we all love.

  1. Syracuse is a lake town, so why not start your day off at one? Geddes Boat House museum is a great place to start. Open year-round, this collection of old wooden boats and log cabin boats offers an up-close look at our area lakes, most of which are less than 30 minutes away. It’s fun for the whole family too, with a play area and gift shop.
  2. Syracuse is also known as being one of the best beer cities in Upstate NY, so next on your list should be enjoying some live music downtown with your favorite brew from one of our many local breweries. Syracuse locals and visitors alike love the old-school feel of Tully’s Bar, just off Clinton Square; it’s even rumored that several musicians have been discovered here!

You can also take a wine tour to discover some great local wineries (make sure to bring your ID). Most wineries are just a short drive from downtown Syracuse, and there are even several out in Madison County too.

  1. After you’ve mastered the art of enjoying some good local beer or wine, why not take home locally made chocolate truffles with a gourmet flavor that will make you say “Wow!”? Almost everything at Truffle’s Inc (from chocolate-coated almonds to truffle tapenade and even gourmet seasonings) is made in Syracuse. You can shop all the different varieties at their Westcott Street location, or try some of your favorites at a local farmers market.


The density of classic cars in the area appears to be rather high and several events are held annually that cater to people who love old vehicles. If you’re traveling through Syracuse or visiting there on business, make sure you get out and take a look around. There is some fantastic old iron to be found in this area, especially if you check out car shows.

  • Auto Xtreme – The Auto Xtreme show is one of the biggest events in Syracuse each year and it’s fun for everyone who loves great cars of all types and vintage. At the following link, you will find pictures and details on the show: Auto Xtreme Show, Syracuse
  • Syracuse Nationals – The Annual Syracuse Nationals is another car show event that you won’t want to miss out on. This year’s dates are August 19-20 and will feature a great selection of cars from all eras of automotive history. The event has grown in popularity each year and it’s easy to see why.
  • Cars in the Park – If you are into classic cars of a particular type, there’s a show for that. The Cars in the Park event is dedicated to those who like antique trucks or sedans from earlier eras. It’s held at the New York State Fairgrounds.
  • Central New York Cruisers Club – For the person who likes muscle cars or sports cars of all types and ages, there’s a club for you. The Central New York Cruisers Club is an inexpensive way to see some great metal, make new friends and enjoy time on the open road.

So now that you know where to go (and what to do!) for a fun day full of excitement, why not spend the night in one of the many great hotels or bed and breakfasts within walking distance to all these exciting things?